Our revamped ‘Monarch Millionaire’ Wall of Fame

    The last couple of weeks have seen a number of celebrations across team Monarch, which we’re excited to formally announce!

    Reaching Monarch Millionaire status takes hard work, dedication and success. We are so lucky to not just have one or two Monarch Millionaires, we have 7! Seven brilliant recruiters who have proven themselves as successful recruitment professionals, in a highly competitive marketplace.

    The last couple of weeks saw our latest inductee’s, Kristen and Ali who are consistently brilliant recruiters, excelling expectations and reaching new heights. Reaching Monarch Millionaire = gifts, with Ali opting for a diamond bracelet, while Kristen opted for a Louis Vuitton handbag she’d had her eye on. Both had their own day in the office to celebrate their fantastic achievement and were taken out by Mark Hunt for a celebratory meal and drinks (which we all then gate crashed)

    James, already a Monarch Millionaire took it a step further, reaching Monarch Double Millionaire status! Double Millionaires receive a £10k cheque to celebrate their achievement and loyalty, as well as their celebratory day with a meal and drinks.

    Congratulations to James, Ali and Kristen – it’s fantastic to have some of the UK’s best recruiters working for us at Monarch IT and the Monarch Recruitment group!