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About Monarch

Our expertise brings together the right talent, with the right businesses, in the right location.


Our specialist IT recruitment consultants are passionate and excited by the job hunt. We hand pick our candidates to ensure we work with those that are motivated and excited about finding their perfect role.

A Personal SERVICE

Our tech specialist consultants will advise and support you from beginning to end.


Our 20+ year history means we’re no beginner in the IT recruitment industry.  We are up to date with market trends and we invest in the latest technology to create perfect matches.
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  • It’s a fast-paced organisation & things often change quicker than expected. Monarch always understand our business & never falter. They are one of the very few agencies that actually delivers & are professional at all times. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them!

    Lebara Mobile
  • Monarch has always produced great results. They understand what we're looking for & only ever send appropriate candidates…this why we keep coming back.

    Blackcat Technology Solutions
  • Due to their commitment & broad range of specialists, Monarch has helped produce quality applicants throughout different business areas. They always go the extra mile, especially on niche positions with NEXT where other agencies have given up.

  • Their CV’s are of very high quality and they are always a reliable agency to use to help us on particularly urgent or difficult assignments. I would highly recommend Monarch to any Digital Agency looking to hire good and reliable freelancers quickly.

    Digitas LBi
  • We have grown incredibly over the last few years, and Monarch has been instrumental to that growth. The speed that Monarch reacts to new roles, as well as their ability to manage numerous requirements at once, is a testament to their success.


  • Monarch has been a preferred supplier to ADP for over 8 years, & has made a real effort to understand what ADP does, and what makes an ‘ADP’ person. I would have no hesitation in recommending Monarch to anyone looking for a friendly, fast and professional service in the IT recruitment arena.

    ADP Ltd.

  • Monarch provide an excellent service! They always take the time to understand the specifications outlined and promptly resource local talent through their extensive networks.


  • Monarch are an enthusiastic and focused recruitment agency who work hard to ensure customer satisfaction. They're excellent at matching clients' requirements with the appropiately skilled resource.

    Ministry of Justice

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